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Welcome to 2020 

The club shoot for the 22nd March has been cancelled
and the 
Andy Firth shoot at HVTA in March Last weekend has also been cancelled due to current medical Pandemic

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Club Bow Divisions: English Long Bow, Longbow, Recurve, Hybrid (limbs curved in 2 directions), Asiatic 

We meet on the 4th Sunday of each month currently at the Dandaloo Hotel fields

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South Coast Traditional Archers has been started to ensure that its members have a safe and secure area that they can pursue, practice and promote the sport of Traditional Archery and all its associated skills and crafts. 
Safe and Secure
Currently we are practicing the art of traditional archery at the Dandaloo Hotel grounds  4th Sunday of each month

Our constitution and safety policies ensure the safety of all our members.
We meet once per month for the next year and are developing different target areas for all different TA disciplines.

Our club has a number of qualified archery coaches and instructors to assist you improve your archery.

We would like to two traditional weekend tournaments each year, and have visitors from all over Australia. 

We assist in charity fund raising and committed to working with our community.

We hold come and try and learner courses for interested people
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