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Welcome to 2020 

The club shoot for the 22nd March has been cancelled
and the 
Andy Firth shoot at HVTA in March Last weekend has also been cancelled due to current medical Pandemic

OUR SPONSOR AUSSIE DISPOSALS  Wollongong would like to remind us that there is a substantial discount  for any item purchased 

Club Bow Divisions: English Long Bow, Longbow, Recurve, Hybrid (limbs curved in 2 directions), Asiatic 
About Us


Our club has been established on the good old fashioned standard values of friendship and respect. ​This sits very well for our club,  a club focused upon skills such as Traditional Archery, and all its associated crafts.

Membership is open to any archer who wants to enjoy  traditional archery and abides by our constitution and rules.

Our club has a number of qualified coaches and instructors who are happy to assist members to perfect their craft.

We are a Family club and we believe that Archery and its practice should be Fun.

Safety is our number one priority and we strive to provide a safe and secure range to practice our art.

We believe that children are the future of our sport and support and supervise  their instruction in archery.

We will support the community in any endeavour we believe they have that promotes and improves community. the club will also particpate in a number of charity activities we determine throughout the year with the sole aim of helping others.

We will hold 12 shoots throughout the year at the present time, with the expectation this will increase as we grow into one of the premium archery clubs in Australia.

there will be two weekend tournament held throughout the year where we will gather traditional archers from all over Australia. This  gives us a wonderful opportunity to share in the comraderie and friendship that  Traditional Archery offers

Location of Archery Range